2 Working Group Dogs To Consider When Choosing A Puppy

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If you have the room and are committed to providing them with adequate exercise, there is no reason to not choose a puppy from the working group of dogs. These dogs are energetic and require ample room to move around.  You can own one even if you live in a city, just as long as you will take them out for a long walk every day, or to play at the dog park. If, however, you want a little dog that will be satisfied running around your apartment or home, then you might want to chose another class of dog.

With that said, here are two excellent dogs from the working group to consider.


First up is the Dalmatian. This is one of the most famous breeds of dogs thanks to its iconic coat pattern. It has become synonymous with firemen. This dates back to when firemen used horse-drawn wagons. The Dalmatian is in the working group subset known as carriage dogs. Carriage dogs were bred to run alongside carriages to protect the inhabitants from highwaymen. During the Middle Ages, wealthy people traveled by covered carriage and had Dalmatians run alongside with the horses. If a group of bandits were to descend on the wagon, the Dalmatian would fight them off.

In modern times there, was no longer a need for this service, but the desire to run alongside of wagons and trucks stayed with the breed, and they became a mascot for fire engine companies.

Dalmatians have a short coat and are lean and muscular. They would make an excellent dog for people who enjoy the outdoors and also want a dog that could act as a protector.

German Shorthaired Pointer

These dogs were developed in Germany to assist hunters in locating game. The dog would search for game (rabbits, quail, or ducks), and when the located them, the dog would freeze in its track and raise its leg. This pointing gesture would instruct the hunter where to set their gun. However, they were also often used to retrieve game, which means they love to play fetch.

These dogs are bred to be incredibly obedient, brave, and loyal. They are also very athletic and energetic. If you have a very young child you should be careful because the shorthaired pointer is a ball of energy and might accidentally hurt them. They are perfect for older kids and adults.

They love swimming, running in the woods, and playing in the park. If you are looking for a medium-sized energetic dog, with a smooth, short coat, then there is no better choice than the German Shorthaired Pointer. Just be prepared to give them a ton of exercise.

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