What Is The Best Species Of Shark For A Saltwater Fish Tank?

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Sharks are magnificent creatures and a very exciting species of fish. They are becoming a popular fish to add to your at home aquarium. If you are considering a shark, then you need to choose one that can acclimate to a home aquarium and need enough space to house him. Custom fish tanks are the best option when considering exotic species of fish. Read on to find out the best small shark to add to your saltwater fish tank.

Epaulette Sharks

Epaulettes are one of the best shark species for an at home aquarium. They are small with a maximum length of 42 inches, according to Aquarium of the Pacific. This type of shark is known as a walking shark because epaulettes move through the water using their fins.

Epaulettes enjoy hiding in the crevices during the day. They leave this space at night to eat. This type of shark is good for home aquariums because they are used to living in tight spaces.  


Wobbegongs are very sedentary. They will rest in the same spot for hours at a time as long as food is available. Wobbegongs eat a lot and you have to be careful about putting them in a tank with other fish.  Wobbegongs take a while to digest their food, so if they eat something too large, they can vomit.

There are three species of wobbegongs that you can keep in a large home aquarium: the Ward's wobbegong, dwarf ornate wobbegong and Cobbler's wobbegong. They do not get very big and does not require a lot of space.

The Coral Catshark 

The coral catshark is another option for home aquariums. However, this species requires plenty of surface area to move and needs hiding places. Catsharks eat any crustacean or fish that they can swallow whole. According to ReptaAquatics, coral catsharks reach an adult size of 28 inches.

Consider Space and Care

If you are planning to add a shark, then you need the necessary space and supplies to care for it. Size is very important. You have to consider how large the shark will get as an adult. Some shark species can progress as juveniles, but outgrow a home aquarium as adults. A custom aquarium is a good option when wanting to house exotic species.

It helps to talk to someone who is experience with designing fish aquariums. He or she can tell you how much space is required to house that type of fish. You should consider space when choosing the best shark for your home fish tank.