Keep Messes Inside Of Your Home To A Minimum With Specialized Cat Products

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If you recently adopted a cat, provide them with the care that they need and deserve without worrying about unforeseen messes inside of your home associated with shedding fur, sharp claws, or food and waste by utilizing the following options. Your new pet will remain comfortable and entertained and will continue to be a welcome addition to your family.

Cat Condo

Purchase a condo that is at least a couple stories high so that your pet can explore and view the room that it is located in from different angles. A condo that has small enclosed compartments will provide your cat with a way to hide if they feel like spending time alone. Purchase a condo that is covered with thick material so that your pet can rest comfortably.

Many condos have materials such as carpeting or wool attached to their exterior. These materials can be cleaned with mild detergent and a scrub brush if they become stained. A vacuum cleaner will suck up any loose fur that is collected on the fabric after your cat uses the condo for a while. 

Scratching Post

Cats enjoy sharpening their claws on hard surfaces. This allows them to mark their territory and strengthen their muscles and nails. Purchase a scratching post that is designed for pets and place it near the cat condo so that your pet can easily access it. Once it it is set up, encourage your pet to explore it by placing them next to it.

If your cat seems disinterested, do not push them to use it. After some time has passed, they may be inclined to attempt using it on their own. Be sure to keep the scratching post in the same place so that your pet does not get confused and sharpen their claws in another part of your home.

Restroom And Food Station

Place a litter box and food and water bowls on top of old newspaper pages or a sheet that is located in one corner of the room where the other cat products are used. Clean all of the items regularly to cut down on foul odors or extensive messes that require a lot of time to clean.

If you are going to be away from your home for an extended amount of time, consider purchasing food and water bowls that refill themselves. Food can be placed in an extra compartment that is connected to a bowl and will be released as food is consumed. Water bowls, operate in a similar manner and will add fresh, cool water to your pet's bowl so that your pet remains hydrated while you are gone.

Once your cat gets used to the items that you have purchased for them, they will be likely to use them all on a regular basis. As a result, you won't have to worry about encountering messes in other parts of your home that could be difficult to clean.