Pet Responsibility: Benefits Of A Corn Snake For A Child's First Pet

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For many children, learning the proper care and responsibility of a pet can go a long way in teaching them the proper skills needed to be a successful adult. Choosing a first pet can be a tough decision. Something like a goldfish may be too easy to care for while a hamster requires a lot of maintenance, care, and daily work that can be tough on a child. When looking for a middle ground, one of the best options is a corn snake. There are several benefits to purchasing a corn snake for your child's first pet. Learning about these benefits will help you make a decision as you browse through corn snakes for sale.

Feeding Schedule

One of the biggest benefits of giving your child a corn snake is the feeding schedule. Baby corn snakes only need to be fed about once a week. This makes it easy to maintain a schedule and feed the snake within a reasonable amount of time. After the corn snake is fully grown, the time between meals will increase even further. This makes it very easy for a child to manage and keep track of. Meals are less likely to be forgotten and the snake can be well taken care of during this time.

Animal Handling

Small pets like hamsters or kittens are prone to biting or scratching children as they try to handle them. Corn snakes may be a little shy at first, but they are very easy to handle and have no teeth. The corn snake is a safe choice for your child to hold and interact with while in the home. The snake can be wrapped around the hand of a child and held on a daily basis. As the corn snake gets used to its new home, it will seek the comfort of being held in a child's hand.

Tank Care

After the initial tank is set up, a corn snake's home is relatively easy to care for. For a child, one of the main responsibility will be to refill the tank's water supply and remove any skin that the snake has left behind. Setting these tasks for three to four times a week can help your child learn the responsibility and care that it takes to keep pets healthy.

With multiple types of designs and breeds or corn snakes for sale, you and your child can easily browse through the ones that are for sale and select the best option.