7 Fun Gift Ideas For The Dog Lover In Your Life

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If you have someone in your life who is a really big dog lover, you are going to want to purchase a gift for them and their dog this holiday season. Here are a few really fun and unique gifts to look for at pet supply stores like Mid Cape Pet and Seed Supply, Inc.

#1 Pet Trailer

Instead of getting a dog house for your friend, get them a pet trailer. These dog houses are designed to look like mini-retro trailers, and they are painted in bright, fun colors. The trailers have a small door for your dog to use and windows on the side to give your dog a view. On the front where the hitch should be located are two bowls for food and water.

Pet trailers are dog houses for small pets to use during the summer time or in warm climates. They are not designed to provide warmth during the winter time. 

#2 Pet Video Cam

If you know that your friend is the type of person who misses their pet when they are away at work during the day, you can get them a pet video cam. These video cams are designed to be set up and mounted to the wall at your pet's eye level.

The video cam is then connect to the home WiFi network and can be activated remotely so you can see your pet when you are away. The video camera even has a speaker system and screen so your pet can see and hear you from afar. 

#3 Dog Necktie Collar

If your friend is one of those people who likes to dress up their dog and make them look all cute in little outfits, get them a dog necktie collar. It is a functional collar, but it looks like a necktie, It is a great accessory for your friend's other outfits, and it pretty cute as a stand alone accessory as well.

#4 Doggie Fountain

If your friend has a backyard where they let their dog hang out, you should get them a doggie fountain. A doggie fountain is designed to hook up to an outside water hose. It has a little step on it for the dog to step on. When the step is pressed down, water spurts out of the top of the device for the dog to drink.

This will provide your friend's dog with a constant source of healthy, clean, cold water when they are outside. Your friend will no longer have to worry about keeping a water bowl outside and full; this doggy water fountain can replace their dog's outside water bowl.

#5 Dog Food Drawer

If your friend loves their dog but likes to hide the dog toys around their house, you should get them a dog food drawer. You can purchase your friend what looks like a typical dresser, but the bottom drawer pulls out to reveal two food bowls for your friend's water and food. This is an expensive gift, but is a great way to hide food and water bowls and gain a functional accessory at the same time.

#6 Dog Umbrella

If your friend lives somewhere like the Pacific Northwest that gets a lot of rain, get them a dog umbrella. A dog umbrella is basically a regular umbrella that is upside down. You can hold it over your dog while you take them outside for a walk or to go to the bathroom. The dog umbrella will keep your dog nice and dry when it is all rainy outside.

#7 Fun Toys

Finally, you can get some fun toys for their dog. There are chew toys that come in all sorts of fun shapes and sizes that their dog is sure to enjoy chewing on. Try to purchase a chew toy that is designed for the size of dog that your friend has.