Backyard Freedom For Kitty: 3 Types Of Safe Cat Fencing For Your Feline Friend

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Installing a cat fence (or converting your existing fence into a cat-proof enclosure) is an excellent way to offer your feline friend an outdoor experience in a safe environment. Whether you choose a free standing fence, conversion kit, or a portable enclosure, offering your car more space to roam about is a good idea. Allowing cats to roam about outdoors often helps to eliminate behavioral issues. Most cat fences or conversions are easy to install, or you may have them installed professionally if you prefer. Here are three types of cat fencing to consider:

1. A Free Standing Cat Fence

If you do not have any type of fence in your yard, a free standing cat fence is ideal. Free standing cat fences are made to complement and blend with your existing backyard environment. What sets it apart from ordinary backyard fences is how it is made to be escape-proof for cats. The cat fence is not only aesthetically desirable, it provides a safe confinement system where your cat or cats may enjoy outdoor freedom in the safe confines of your yard. Cat fences are difficult for cats to climb, as they are flexible, often with a mesh top enclosure.

2. Cat Fence Conversion Kit

With a conversion fence, you can transform your existing fence into a safe cat conversion enclosure. If your exiting backyard fence is at least a few feet tall, it is a cost effective way to convert it into a safe barrier for your cat. As with the free standing model, the extension or conversion kit is made with flexible material, making it buckle under a climbing cat's weight, and causing the cat to safely land to the ground.

3. Portable, Playpen-Style Cat Fence

A portable cat fence can be transported or moved to any location whenever you wish. Some models look similar to a two-person tent. It is a smart solution if you have limited space. Use a portable cat fence for a small yard or even an apartment patio. It provides a safe enclosure when traveling, too. The mesh material prevents insects and mosquitoes from bothering your pet. Many include PVC coating which makes it easy to clean.

For space saving features, choose a portable cat fence playpen that is collapsible. Some of the portable kitty fences also have tunnels for your cat's inquisitive nature and playfulness. You can connect the tunnel to your existing cat door, allowing your cat to enter and exit from inside the house. You may even connect the tunnels to extend the space.

As you can see, there are several ways to provide your cat with outdoor pleasure, in a completely safe way. Consider the above three options and other cat fencing supplies for cat fences and create the enjoyment your kitty deserves.