Top 6 Benefits Of Purchasing Elk Antler Dog Chews For Your Pet

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If you're searching for a natural alternative to the typical rawhide chews you find in most pet stores, elk antler dog chews are an excellent solution. These chews come in a variety of sizes, so you can select one that fits your dog's age and size. Below is a list of six benefits your pup will experience when given the opportunity to feast on an elk antler chew.

1. They Don't Splinter

Perhaps the biggest benefit associated with elk antler dog chews is the fact that they don't splinter and chip like processed bones. The chew, which grinds down slowly as your dog munches on it, actually lasts much longer as well. That means you'll save money over the course of time by only needing to purchase a fracture of the antler chews verses the rawhide bones.

2. They are Nutritious 

Unlike traditional chews, elk antler dog chews have bone marrow in the center. Bone marrow is full of important nutrients, such as iron, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium, which will help your furry friend remain healthy.  

3. They are Chemical Free

While store-bought cow rawhide chews have to go through chemical processing, elk antler dog chews do not. Pet owners can feel good about the chews, which never come in contact with bleach, formaldehyde, or harmful chemicals. Elks naturally shed their antlers each year and grow news ones. The shed antlers are collected and power washed, but not treated with any chemicals. 

4. They Support Bone and Muscle Health

In addition to exercising your dog's jaws, the elk antler chews have crooks and ridges that work to clean your pet's teeth as your pet bites down on the chew. The texture of the chew is also excellent for massaging your pup's gums, which will lead to a positive report the next time your veterinarian examine's the pet's mouth 

5. They are Odorless and Won't Leave a Stain

Elk antler dog chews do not have any unpleasant odors, so you won't have any qualms about your pet enjoying this treat indoors. You can also let your dog indulge on the chew on any flooring, even carpet, as they do not leave any stains behind.  

6. Every Antler Chew is Unique

Since the elk antler dog chews are not manufactured, each one is unique in its size, shape, and color. Dogs will enjoy the variety and pet owners will develop an appreciation of nature as they examine the differences in the elk antler chews they purchase.

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