Setting Up A Saltwater Aquarium? You'll Want An Aqua-Cultured Live Rock

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If you've got an empty tank and feel eager to build a beautiful saltwater aquarium, there are many ways to set one up. Many use all kinds of so-called "live rocks" to kickstart their aquariums, as it can come with algae, shrimp, insects and other life which provides a great environment for fish. Aqua-cultured rocks can be especially good for this purpose; why?

Existing Life

You might not know what creatures are included on your aqua-cultured rock, but it is sure to contain some live algae, which can present beautifully in your tank. You might find it interesting to start looking for small crabs, shrimp, sponges, and wildlife that made your rock home while it was in the ocean. Other types of rocks have less thriving "communities" when they make their way to you.

Less Work

If you get regular live rock, much work will need to be done to keep water clean and livable. The water will need changing, and the rock itself will need scrubbing to make it a suitable environment for fish. However, an aqua-cultured rock has been purposefully created, grown and monitored to give you a much easier experience. You might never need to adjust the pH, change the water, touch the rock or deal with out of control ammonia. This will mean much less work and maintenance for you.

Less Effect on Wildlife

Natural rock will often mean that it has been harvested from existing reefs and naturally-occurring wildlife. By contrast, aqua-cultured live rocks are placed in the ocean by companies who make plans to retrieve them after a number of years have passed. This means that no reef or other natural structures were affected in any way and there is no residual effect on the aquatic environment after they're retrieved.

Faster Environment Cycling

When your aqua-cultured rock is put in water, it will thrive, and the tank should be ready for the fish in a matter of weeks. This is in contrast to other types of rocks, which are sometimes not suitable saltwater environments for fish until a month or more has gone by. The more aqua-cultured live rocks you have, the better.

These rocks can give you the kind of aquarium that you're happy with and others are delighted by. Seek aquarium aquacultured live rocks for your own tank so you can begin to prepare your new aquarium for multiple kinds of saltwater fish.