Why You Should Give Your Dog Cannabis and How It Can Benefit Your Pooch

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Cannabis or CBD oil is nothing new; however, you may have never heard of cannabis for dogs. Cannabis been around for quite some time and research shows it's beneficial for dogs with various disorders and diseases. CBD oil can be found in an oil form or in dog treats. Read on for reasons why you should be giving your dog CBD oil and how it may be able to benefit your dog.

Why Use CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a legal form of cannabis as it doesn't contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is a psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis. This oil is a natural way to heal, treat, and sometimes even cure multiple disorders or diseases your aging dog may be suffering from. With a lot of diseases or disorders, medication may be necessary; however, prescription medication may have other harmful side effects. You won't have to expose your dog to those harmful side effects if you use CBD oil instead. This can give your dog a longer and healthier life.

How CBD Oil Can Benefit Your Dog

Some of the diseases or disorders your dog may be suffering from that CBD oil can help with include:

  • Arthritis. CBD oil can be used to treat arthritis in dogs and give them improved movement and flexibility. CBD oil can improve the joints affected by arthritis, leaving your dog with an enhanced and more energy.
  • Seizures. A dog that is suffering from seizures may be taking medication, which could be expensive and may cause other health issues or concerns. CBD oil can prevent seizures or help your dog recover from their seizures much faster than not using anything at all. You may notice an improvement in how many seizures your dog has or in how extreme they are.
  • Anxiety. A dog that suffers from anxiety about their owner being away, loud noises, or going to the veterinarian can be improved with CBD oil. CBD oil can calm the nerves of these dogs, which can also help you as dog owner as well. It also reduces the use of other anxiety medication that you may normally use for your dog.
  • Appetite or Digestive Issues. If your dog has problems with eating, has a loss of appetite, or other types of digestion issues, CBD oil may be able to improve this for your dog. It can boost your dog's appetite and reduce nausea.

CBD oil can be found at your local pet store, or you can find it online. Talk to your veterinarian about using this type of natural remedy to help alleviate pain and other disorders for your furry pal.