5 Reasons Cat Owners Struggle To Combat Litter Box Odors

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If you own an indoor cat, cat litter and cat litter boxes become part of everyday care. However, odors are perhaps the biggest complaint about this aspect of owning a cat, and they can seem hard to avoid. Here is a look at some of the reasons cat owners can sometimes struggle with litter box odors. 

1. You may not be buying the best litter for odor. 

The number one reason a cat owner will struggle with odors from a litter pan is if they are not buying the best cat litter for odor. You may have to step away from the usual brands you buy at the local pet store or retail shop and opt for a better brand that you buy online instead. The best cat litter does an excellent job of capturing odors, so the difference can be substantial.

2. You may not have a well-designed cat litter box. 

Sometimes, the owner isn't really doing anything to cause problems with odors; it could just be that you have a poorly made box. Some litter boxes do not have a good surface texture and will absorb odors, for example. 

3. You may not be cleaning the litter box properly.

Litter boxes should be fully disassembled and scrubbed down in between litter changes, even though it can appear that the pan is relatively clean after pulling out a liner. Odor particles can get trapped on the surface of the plastic and should be wiped away with proper cleaning. 

4. You may have too many cats and not enough litter boxes. 

In some cases, litter pans smell bad because there are too many cats trying to use the one box. Naturally, multiple cats mean more frequent scooping and litter changes. However, some cats will return to "mark their territory" more if they feel another cat is impeding on their personal space. This repeat spraying can cause issues with bad odors and require more cleanings than what would be logical. 

5. You may be using the wrong liners. 

Litter pan liners make it super easy to just pull the liner out and dump the litter in the trash when it is time for a change. However, liners are just as important as using the best cat litter for odors. If the liner is ill-fitting, it means the cat urine can get under the liner and create odors even when the litter box has just been changed.

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