4 Reasons to Buy a Padded Leather Dog Collar for Your Pet

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Collars are simple, valuable tools for dog owners. Dog collars allow owners to easily identify, leash, and control their dogs. However, not all collars are made equally well. Some dog collars are cheap and prone to fall apart after just a few months. However, leather dog collars are attractive and durable. Here are four reasons to buy a padded leather collar for your pet:

1. Ensure that your dog is easily identifiable.

Many cities have leash laws that require that dogs be kept on leashes when out in public. However, there is value in keeping a collar on your dog at all times, whether it is on- or off-leash. Dogs who wear collars can be easily identified. Leather dog collars feature a ring that can be used to attach a dog tag with your name, address, and contact information. If your dog ever runs away or gets lost, anyone who finds your dog will be able to contact you, making it more likely that your dog will be returned to you safely.

2. Protect the sensitive skin of your dog's neck.

Dogs may seem sturdy and indestructible, especially large breed dogs, but they can be surprisingly sensitive. Many parts of a dog's body are especially sensitive, such as your dog's throat and neck. Padded leather collars feature internal padding that will cushion your dog's neck. This is especially important for dogs who are prone to pulling while on a leash. A padded leather dog collar will ensure that your dog doesn't hurt itself, even if it struggles against your leash.

3. Ensure that your dog won't slip its leash.

Dogs are curious creatures with sensitive noses and innate instincts that govern their actions. Even well-trained dogs may suddenly run off if they smell something particularly interesting or if they're suddenly frightened. Leashes prevent dogs from running away unexpectedly, but in order to do its job, a leash must be securely attached to your dog. Padded leather collars stay put when fasted around your dog's neck. An excellent leather collar will ensure your dog doesn't escape its leash.

4. Adorn your dog with handsome accessories.

Last but not least, leather dog collars are attractive. Nylon collars can look cheap and tacky, but leather holds a timeless appeal. You can find leather dog collars in a variety of natural leather colors, from light tan to deep brown. A leather dog collar can make your dog look as handsome as possible.