Is Your Child Taking Riding Lessons? Why Invest In Their Own Saddle

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If your child has been taking riding lessons, and they're committed to the process, now's the time to buy them a saddle of their own. You might think that renting their gear is the way to go, but that's not necessarily the case, especially where a long-term commitment is concerned. If you're not sure that a new saddle is a necessary investment, read the list provided below. You'll find four essential reasons to buy your child a saddle of their own.

Alleviate Saddle Chafing

If your child is using a borrowed saddle, there's a good chance that it doesn't fit properly. If that's the case, your child is at an increased risk for saddle sores and chafing, which can make riding downright uncomfortable. Unfortunately, if your child experiences discomfort while riding, they may not want to continue with their lessons. Not only that, but without proper care, saddle sores can become infected. To ensure a comfortable ride, and to avoid sores, it's time to buy your child their own saddle. 

Improve Riding Posture 

If your child doesn't have a saddle of their own, they might not have the best riding posture. The wrong saddle can make it difficult for your child to sit properly, which can interfere with posture. Unfortunately, improper riding posture can cause your child to lean in the saddle. You might not realize this, but leaning can cause problems for your child and for the horse. Correct the posture issues your child is having by buying them a saddle of their own. 

Eliminate Rental Issues

If your child is taking riding lessons using a rented saddle, it's time for a change. You might think that renting a saddle is the best option while your child is taking lessons, but that's not the case. In fact, renting a saddle can create some unexpected problems. For instance, rental costs can increase on a regular basis. Not only that, but rental saddles aren't always available, which means your child might not have what they need for their lessons. When you buy your child a saddle, the costs won't increase. Plus, your child always has access to their riding gear. 

Instill a Sense of Pride

If your child is enjoying their riding lessons, a saddle of their own can instill a sense of pride. It can also help develop a sense of personal responsibility. That's because your child will need to care for their own saddle. This includes cleaning the saddle after each use and conditioning the leather. These are lessons your child won't learn when they're using a rented saddle. 

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