Dog Accessories To Buy Before Hiking With Your Pup

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Do you plan on taking your dog hiking with you? If so, you might want to invest in a few hiking accessories to bring along. Some of these dog accessories will make hiking easier and safer for your dog, and others will make it easier or more feasible for you to hike along with your dog. Take a look at the suggestions below.

Poop Bag Holder

You probably don't want to carry a roll of poop bags in your hand the whole time you hike, and having to dig through your bag for them every time your dog poops is not fun, either. There are poop bag holders that you can attach to your dog's harness or collar. Most hold a whole roll, so you should have plenty, and they'll always be easily accessible on your hike.

Portable Water Bowl

You don't always want to let your dog drink from puddles or creeks, as they can be contaminated with infectious bacteria and viruses. So, purchase a portable, collapsible water bowl. There are many made from silicone that fold flat to stay in your bag. Whenever you stop for a drink, you can pour your dog a drink from your water bottle, too.

Hands-Free Leash

When you're walking up or down a steep incline, you may not want to spare a hand to hold your dog's leash. A hands-free leash wraps around your waist so you can stay connected to your dog without having to hold onto them with your hand.

Dog Sunscreen

Especially if your dog has any white hair or pink skin, you may worry about them getting sunburned while out on a long hike. You should therefore buy a container of sunscreen for dogs. It will protect them and is safer to use on them than sunscreen that is designed for humans.

Dog First-Aid Kit

Most pet stores sell small first-aid kits for pets. It's a good idea to pack one for your hike. Look for one that contains basic bandages, some dog-safe antibiotic cream, some wound tape, and a cold packet or two. Other nice items to see include a thermometer, nail clippers, and a tourniquet.

Hiking with your dog is a lot easier and more enjoyable if you have the right accessories. The accessories above are all smart ones to invest in if you plan on taking your pup off into the woods and meadows. 

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