3 Benefits Of Organic Cat Litter

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If you are adopting a new cat, one aspect of their care is investing in a litter box and litter. While clay and silica litters clump well and diminish odors, they aren't biodegradable, so much of the waste will end up in a landfill. Instead, you may want to invest in natural, organic cat litter. Natural cat litter can be made from paper, corn, wheat, walnut, coconut, grass, pine, etc. Natural cat litter is an eco-friendly option since it's compostable.

It's Safer for You and Your Cat's Lungs

Bentonite clay is an ingredient that's used in a lot of cat litter. Unfortunately, this component may contain traces of materials that are carcinogenic and could cause irritation/disease to your cat's lungs and other members of the household who are exposed to the litter. When cats clean their feet after using the litter box, they may ingest trace amounts of litter, which again, can irritate their stomachs. With organic litter, you won't need to worry about harmful chemicals affecting your pets or family members.

It Causes Less Dust in the Home

Cat litter that contains silica, fragrances, and/or dyes can be quite dusty, so your home's air quality may feel stale. These microparticles can also bother people with allergies; to counteract this issue, some people may need to clean more often or invest in HEPA filters. But again, you can eliminate this problem altogether by investing in natural litter, since many of these products are dust-free and lightweight. For instance, if your cat tends to collect litter granules in his or her paws, you may want to try a wood pellet litter so that your cat isn't tracking fine-grained litter and dust throughout the house. Pine litter can also be a good option since it is a low-dust product and can mask odors without added fragrances.

It's Better for Cats with Special Health Needs

Litter dust isn't just a cleaning annoyance, it can be an issue if your cat needs surgery since particulates can cause infections. To counteract this issue, you may want to invest in a long-grain rice litter or a paper litter. These natural litters are great choices for cats with special needs or cats who visit the vet a lot since these products won't irritate or contaminate surgical sites.

Reach out to a pet products supplier in your area if you would like to learn more about natural cat litter