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News Flash!!!!   Welcome to Yucca Kingdom Nursery at Kyle Flea Market, Kyle, Texas

Yucca Kingdom Nursery  - AKA -  Native Desert Plants Nursery

A Web Site with Native Desert Plants that originate in the deserts of Texas.
No Roses or Posies

   We proudly offer to the hard working yard keeper, who is faced with a dwindling water supply and higher water rates, an alternative yard that is not wilting, and yet appealing to on lookers.
This alternative is:
Native Desert Plants in your yard that require little attention and hardly any water.
We offer you a plan that allows you to gradually convert a small portion of your yard at a time to the desert scene.
Every thing in the desert either "sticks ", "stings ", "bites " or "burns you". We spotlight the GENESIS "StickYou", and do so very carefully. Plants we vision here have the personality of Tough, Mean, Cruel, Unforgiving and down right "ornery" but still have the beauty of Mother Nature and all the pretty flowers and fragrant smell of the best. These plants in your yard will allow you to go to the golf course or fishing, instead of mowing the lawn and paying a high water bill. Don't make a major project out of zero-scaping your yard, begin in an isolated corner and add a little each time. The rewards are many.
One method to get started in a small way is to locate the spot on your lawn that you have a hard time mowing because of the shape. Lay out the boundary and take a look at it. Imagine the area filled in with cheap, low grade dirt that will make the area higher like a two foot thick mound. Desert plants love low grade soil and thrive in it. Except for a 2 or 3 foot border, the grass can stay in place with a plastic cover over it. The plastic will serve two purposes. The first will keep the grass from growing up through the dirt and the second to keep the water from rising up from the bottom. Desert plants thrive in well drained shallow soil. Repeat this process with as small of an area that fits your time schedule until you have a DESERT YARD with little up keep and water use.

Member of " Native Plant Society of Texas "
Member Id. # 490594

Mark and Violet Essary
1055 Spoke Hollow Road - aka - County Rd #244
6 miles West on FM 20
Lockhart, Texas  78644-3054

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